Real Event: Industrial & Organic Corporate Gathering
8-25-2015 PRG VIP-13-1-XL

We love working with Patina as they are a company that can truly appreciate creative installations and designs. For this event in particular, the client wanted something industrial and unique with an organic and overgrown twist. Patina's opening of the AT&T Penthouse went wonderfully as anticipated and we're excited to share this design with you!

Rather than simply bringing in a variety of greens, we attempted to cater to our audience and use as many "edible" fruits and vegetables as we could in the design. As you can see above, we draped hops between beautiful orchid blooms and gold chevron votives.

Below we have our geometric gold ceiling installation. Rigging can at times be a challenge for design companies to work around, but the SY&Co. team has had plenty of practice. This look was created using multiple custom geometric structures which were painted gold and suspended above the guests. Draped inside and around were dozens of different types of greens and florals.

Mini geometric structures were placed at the bar and at various tables and were accompanied with organic and vibrant floral arrangements.

8-25-2015 PRG VIP-59-XL

One of the most fitting parts of this event came in the form of the display you'll see below! We had so much fun playing with the color palette that comes with freshly grown vegetables and we incorporated dos, cabbage, yams, potatoes, and many other leafy greens!

8-25-2015 PRG VIP-44-XL
8-25-2015 PRG VIP-570-XL
8-25-2015 PRG VIP-198-1-L

For this last design, we hand strung lemon leaves onto clear filament and placed organic boxwood balls at the base.

Thank you to all of the wonderful vendors that donated their time to this event!