Our Week Leading up to BET Awards

Our week leading up to the BET Awards was a crazy—yet fun—week for us here at SY & Co! We had a surprise birthday party for Takeoff (who thought he was headed to his rehearsal for BET), the pre-party for Interscope Records, and the pre-party/12th Annual Morace Landy Radio Appreciation Brunch.

First comes the Surprise Party

Willy Wonka vibes meets Exotic Pop & so Takeoff’s Drank Factory was created…

Shoutout Exotic Pop & Exotic Snax for coming through!


Not only did they have Arcade Games, but also Carnival style games!

Next up: Interscope Pre-party


Finally followed up with the Empire Party

Shoutout Jack Daniels!


Thank you to our partners:

Event & Floral Design: Shawna Yamamoto Event Design Chelsea Sy&Co | Production & Design: The Vanity Group | Photographer: Dina Douglass

xoxo Rashelle