Real Event: Emmy's After Party for Fox

Real Event: Emmy's After Party for Fox

This week we are taking a look at one of our favorite corporate events from last year that we co-designed with Alex at Sterling Engagements! The 2018 Emmy’s had some jaw dropping moments, including the fact that for the first time ever, Netflix edged HBO in nominations with 112 nomination versus their 108! In addition, FX Networks got an impressive 50 nominations, which warrants a great party to be had, and we were all too inclined to provide! Take a look at some of the stunning design elements that Fox After Party attendees go to enjoy

Our goal with this design was to make the party feel moody and exciting! We used many gold elements and kept the lighting at a warm, low setting… Red, purple hues or soft pink lighting can change the makeup of a room, and we were not left wanting when the Vibiana was transformed.

From this event came one of our favorite photo booths Ever:

The Gold Room

Special thanks to OM Digital for capturing cool videos in here like this one!

In addition to having a wonderful indoor party area, we also got to transform an outdoor patio area with our gold elements as the shining star

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this amazing event:

Planning, Production & Design: Sterling Engagements | Event & Floral Design & Execution: Shawna Yamamoto; Nicole Sy&Co; ChelsieSy&Co | Lighting: Kinetic Lighting| Venue: The Vibiana | Photographer: Maya Myers Photography

xoxo Rashelle