Real Destination Event: Elegant Corporate Extravaganza

Real Destination Event: Elegant Corporate Extravaganza
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This summer the SYED team flew nearly 2,000 miles to the heart of St. Louis. The mission? Design and execute one of our most exciting corporate events yet. Read on to learn about the behind-the-scenes of how we did it- and more importantly, how St. Louis, Missouri completely stole our hearts! When we received notification of this new adventure with Alex and her team at Sterling Engagements, we were filled with so many emotions- but most of all excitement. As any professional event design team can tell you- destination events are always a challenge! Given the distance of the destination event, we decided to do most of our work on site. As we boarded the plane with something like six small totes of design materials (and nothing else), we knew we were ready to rock the corporate celebration!

The theme for the event was Noir, French for the color black, and it also represents old-style Hollywood themes. Our color scheme rested upon deep blacks and vibrant whites with glamorous pops of gold and crystal.


Although we had a definite theme and design in mind, much of the detail of the event was rather spontaneous as we wanted to get a feel of St. Louis and incorporate that into the overall look. For example, many of our designs included arching florals to mirror a  huge part of what makes St. Louis, MO so special- the Freedom Arch!

The entrance draping for this event wonderfully demonstrates our team's talent! Created using hundreds of properly cinched zip ties, our own Tool Belt Diva Nicole's sexy swagging skills, and lots of sweat (humidity was at an all-time-high this day), this grand entrance totally got the attention of all passersby! Beautiful, oversized white floral pieces flanked each side of the entrance and we carefully spread white rose petals in two semicircles extending out from the doors.

One of our favorite parts of the event was the main focal point- the stage! Surrounding the amazing Jazz band were tall panels of various white patterned and textured components which were then staggered in order to create more depth. Behind and above the stage stood large cardboard cut outs of a city scape- to make them look even more realistic, Kinetic Lighting illuminated them with a gorgeous glowing amber color.

Also, check out the amazing floral installation we did on the lamp posts in the venue! They were masterpieces completely on their own!

As this corporate event was a celebration of different levels of success, the room was divided into a few different designs. For this particular section, we created large arched florals with beautiful crystal droplets cascading down. Below sat petite florals with dozens of illuminated golden votives.

The VIP section featured massive cylindrical florals with white callas and strands of crystals wrapped around. Lush floral garlands made up of hydrangea draped across the tabletop down to the floor. Large crystal candle stands with black satin ribbon accents were illuminated by romantic floating candles. Also, we can't forget to mention the gold & black shimmer tablecloths from Luxe Linen and the gorgeous gold fanfare chairs from Classic Party Rentals.

I love this shot from Greg Lappin Photography! These tabletops featured one tall floral piece flanked by two crystal candle stands with unique floral cuffs. On top of all that beauty sat two more petite coordinating florals illuminated by glowing tea lights.

Now, for the most personal part of this blog: We are so truly, truly appreciative of the large team that came together to bring this event to life. Day in and day out we had support from the team at Lasalle Wholesale Florist. All of the vendors we worked with were some of the kindest, most accommodating, and warm we had ever met.

Traveling nearly 2,000 miles to a city that we had never been to (with limited supplies from our studio) was scary, but it was so much easier because of the warm environment we were welcomed to. As any member of the SYED team will tell you after this trip- Southern hospitality is real! After only one week in St. Louis, we had the most difficult time leaving and cannot wait to get the opportunity to go back!

Coordination: Sterling Engagements • Photography:  Greg Lappin Photography • Venue: St. Louis Union Station • Linens: Luxe Linen • Rentals: Classic Party Rentals • Lighting: Kinetic Lighting