Most popular Summer flowers

Summer is here and we all know this is the it season when it comes to weddings and large events. Of course, you have all the reasons in the world to love the idea of a summer event – from the warm days to the abundance of natural beauties around you.

Yet, what are the most popular summer flowers to use when decorating your wedding or event? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Peonies. Like it or not, they’re an all-time classic that speaks about elegance, purity, and beauty. They come in a pretty good variety of colors (although the “original” peony is pink), they are very voluminous (so they create that luxurious vibe you’ll love in your bouquet), and they are quite versatile in terms of the blooms they can be combined with and wedding styles they can be used for. All in all, we can definitely understand why peonies are so popular with the brides!
  • Sweet peas. Purple shades are quite popular this summer, so sweet peas are very widespread too. In general, these delicate purple flowers are used as an “extra” in bouquets – but if you want them to take the center stage, it can totally be done as well. Talk to your wedding florist and you will surely find a truly amazing solution together!
  • Ranunculus. Looking for a peony that’s edgier and more modern? Ranunculus is the bloom you need! With a decent variety of colors able to fit most wedding color schemes, with a lush appearance and a very contemporary vibe to it, these blooms rank among the top favorites for brides (and not only the summer ones!).
  • Lilac. Gorgeous fragrance, delicate appearance, uniqueness – lilac has it all, whether it’s purple-colored or white. If you want your bouquet to smell amazingly well and to be very summery, lilac is the best choice – especially if you plan on having an early summer wedding.
  • Gerbera daisy. Planning an outdoor, country-chic wedding? Gerbera daisies are a truly perfect choice for this kind of event. Colorful, rustic, and really lively, these blooms just yell “countryside” with their appearance and their entire vibe. You’ll love decorating your wedding with these flowers!
  • Calla lilies. Minimalist and elegant, calla lilies are perfect for brides who want to show off that stunning, breathtaking simplicity that’s so appreciated these days!

Regardless of what flowers you may choose, remember to think out of the box when it comes to their arrangement – wedding etiquette is much more allowing these days, and you are guaranteed to create something really special if you just let your imagination “roam wild”!