DIY: Super Fun Spring Vases

DIY: Super Fun Spring Vases

On behalf of the entire crew here at SYED, we want to wish you all a very happy Spring!! To kick off one of our favorite seasons, we are bringing you our latest DIY project with Chriselle & her team over at The Chriselle Factor: Spring Vases. They're so cute, easy, and fun! Perfect to brighten your desk, windowsill, or tabletop! 

♦ Tip: the tube doesn't have to be plastic (it can also be glass) 

Step One: Carefully mix the powdered cement with water (following the directions on the bag). Don't worry if it's super chunky when you first begin, just continue to mix and it will smooth out! 

Step Two: Empty your drink container (we at SYED constantly need to stay hydrated and love to keep our coconut water handy at all times). Then carefully cut the top off of the container and insert your tube (which will ultimately be used to fill with water and keep your flowers hydrated). If you want your flowers at an angle, feel free to angle the tube once you've put it inside the container!

Step Three & Four: Once you have the tube inserted and placed where you want, take a piece of tape and secure the tube. When you pour the cement, the tube will float up to the top if it isn't properly taped down. Step Five: Let your cement dry (the time it will take varies, so be patient) and then carefully peel off the wrapping. Once you have your cement mold, spray paint it (but be careful to avoid dripping)!

Step Six: Once your gold spray paint has dried, fill the tube with water, insert the flowers of your choosing, and take a look at your awesome new vase!

Thank you to our friends and partners in this project, Chriselle Lim and Karen Rosalie!