Fourth of July Birthday Celebration...Not the Same ol' Palette

It seems that those who have birthdays that fall on Holidays are somewhat expected to stick to that as their theme, or at the very least have a coordinating color palette. Luckily for our client, she was not constrained to doing the typical Red, White & Blue that is so dominating on the 4th. Take a look at her wonderful birthday dinner celebration!

Welcome flowers in the foyer

The stemware was a perfect fit!

Seriously loving those little star bursts above the table!

These florals were to die for

Inspired by the clients love for designer, we turned her initials into the Gucci logo, how amazing is that?

Cake area details… continuing the iridescent & the personalized logo in this area!

Such a beautiful birthday celebration! We hoped she enjoyed her day as much as we enjoyed creating it!


Thank You

Event & Floral Design: Shawna Yamamoto Event Design Nicolesyandco | Planning & Production: With Fresh Eyes Events | Photographer: B Keene Photo |

xoxo Rashelle