Will You Accept This Rose?

It is finally here, after weeks of waiting and watching, we get to see who will receive Hannah’s final rose tonight! In honor of the big finale, we would love to share with you some of our favorite red rose moments that we have created throughout the years!


Love love these rose petals on the cake table!

Lights, camera, LOVE!

Like these rose waves, love is an adventure with highs and lows!

So if you are watching the finale, we hope you have enjoyed some beautiful red roses because there will only be one given out tonight!!


Credits In Order of Appearance

DetailsJeannie | Alicia Mink Photo

DetailsMichelle | Duke Images

Vanessa Michelle Co. | Joe Buissink

Honey Bree Productions | Dina Douglass

Sterling Engagements | Imagery Immaculate Photography

Sterling Engagements | Genie in a Bottle Photography

Becker & the Co. | David Michael Photography

Details Jeannie | John and Joseph

Pree Events | Lin and Jirsa

Final three photos credits N/A if they are yours please email us to adjust credits!

xoxo Rashelle