Be Real: A Holiday Party Fit for Royalty

Be Real: A Holiday Party Fit for Royalty

Once Upon A Winter's Night, over 1,000 guests received a very royal treatment at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The team at Sterling Engagements always knows how to throw a party and this holiday corporate gathering was no exception!

This holiday season has been quite busy with parties and celebrations- and we're so glad that it came with fresh and fun themes! This corporate party allowed its guests to travel back in time to age of Renaissance- filled with candlelight, wine, banter, and maypoles of course! 

Guests were first treated to trumpetiers lining the entrance staircase, with the path lit by dozens of pillar candles and long and lush bundles of greenery. After running into contact with some of our awesome rentals (our old fashioned medieval "Knight in Shining Armor" was our favorite!!!), they entered the King's Court. Filled with banter and conversation, this space allowed guests to feast their eyes on decor prior to feasting on tons of turkey legs and alcohol! This space took place in the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt where we also placed a classic Christmas tree and unique maypole! 

Afterwards, guests traveled through beautiful living trees and shrubbery from our friends at Jackson Shrub into The Feast, an area accented by candles and fragrant fruited garlands. Carefully nestled down our feasting tables were bottles of wine, pies, and turkey legs. Shortly thereafter, the real show began in The Village where live dances and fights occurred frequently on our thematic stage. Finally, the Speakeasy Cave offered fun fun game stations and a lively whisky bar to continue the fun long after the "entertainment" of the night had ended. 

Every room was set to a perfect glow (courtesy of the amazing talents from Amber Event Production) and the entire event was beautifully documented by the always wonderful Krista Mason