Real Party: A Midsummer Night's Dream in San Juan Capistrano

Real Party: A Midsummer Night's Dream in San Juan Capistrano

As Summer begins to fade away and Fall rolls in to take its place, we're throwing it back to a dreamy and magical birthday party we designed in the spirit of all things Shakespeare, magic, and wonder. This moody and romantic gathering is one we just adore! 

This themed party featured an abundance of overgrowing greenery and moss, vibrant hydrangea, overgrown florals, and elegant gold candelabras. The theme? A Midsummer Night's Dream. To do this, we took advantage of this beautiful outdoor space and worked tirelessly to make magic come alive for the guests. 


Party goers entered through a beautiful blue velvet walkway which featured elegant signage over fourteen feet tall. We added overgrown floral cuffs with stunning anemones, protea, roses, and greenery. 

Once the guests passed this entrance, they were treated to unique lounge furniture in coordinating blue velvet with organic wood tables, brass and gold candelabras, and tons of candlelight. We took advantage of the outdoor venue and created a stunning zen garden to add both peace and harmony to the atmosphere. 

Table centerpieces consisted of gorgeous bougainvillea and organic florals which were then accented by brass candelabras and petite gold votives. Unique vintage chargers and goblets were added to the place settings to match the centerpieces and beautifully textured moss was added to the tabletops. The sheer amount of depth in the arrangements was visually stunning and is rare to come by. 

Guests sat upon rustic distressed cane back chairs as they were treated to a view of live music, strung market lights, and candlelight. It was most definitely an evening to remember!