Real Event: Gold Leafed Glamour

This textural beauty was so much fun to design and execute! A mixture of gold leaf accents, a deep red and purple color palette, and multiple patterns and textures- what's not to love!?

Part of the reason why this design is so visually stimulating is the vibrant white palette we started with. Bright white chairs, white pipe and drape, white wall panels, white tables, and a white backdrop set the stage for our primary colors to really pop! 

We combined a bunch of different textures and elements in order to create the linear perspective walls featured both above and to the sides of the primary backdrop. The main focal point was the gold leafed backdrop which featured a watercolor-looking combination of vibrant magentas, purples, and reds with splashes of shimmering gold.

The tabletop was just as stimulating, decorated to coordinate well with the "perspective" design on the walls. Gold chargers were treated with colorful petite blooms while deep red and reflective goblets were intermingled with various gold props. Florals were elevated at different levels using a mixture of gold cylinders and geometric vases. 

Enjoy these beautiful images from Andrea Photography