Down the Aisle with Chriselle: DIY with SYED

Down the Aisle with Chriselle: DIY with SYED

Down the Aisle with Chriselle continues as we teach Chriselle herself and all of her followers a special DIY method of making chic and customizable book platforms. Simple, easy, and elegant, we know you will love these platforms as much as we do!

If you are unable to watch the video (or would like to see the process written down), check out our step-by-step guide below!

Materials Needed: 

1. Old/Used Books (in various sizes)

2. Spray Paint

3. A Drop-Cloth

4. A Damp Rag

5. Goggles/Face Mask

Step 1: Spread the books out

Step 2: Wipe the books with a slightly damp rag and remove any superficial imperfections that would ruin your paint- like dust or dirt. 

Step 3: Lightly spray your first coat of paint on the front sides of your books. Don't worry about covering the books perfectly, it is better to use multiple coats of paint! 

Step 4: Once the paint is completely dry, flip the books over and paint the opposite side. 

Step 5: Display your books however you like and voila! You have made your own beautiful and chic platforms!