DIY: SYED Getting Crafty

DIY: SYED Getting Crafty

I love showing what really happens behind the scenes at SYED.  Recently we have thrown ourselves into complete hands-on craft mode.  Check out what we have been making for some of our events!

Taking on a craft projects just happens to be one of our many jobs at SYED.  Hand made, personally customized, we love getting our hands dirty and creating amazing decor pieces ourselves.  We recently took hand crafting giant yard balls to a whole new level!  With a 36 inch balloon, a large spool of yarn and Elmers glue we began to make these balls which would later be used as a grand ceiling treatment.

Another fun decor piece we recently made were framed chalk boards.  We took a couple of our over-sized baroque style frames and cut out a piece of wood which we would cover with chalk board paint.  After it dried, we were able to write any message or in this case a wine list for our clients wine tasting cocktail hour!

Cant wait to see what our next project could be! Stay posted.