CEO and founder of “Shawna Yamamoto Event Design” event designer and production manager, creative director, since 2009 Shawna is married and a mother to three busy boys. “I lived on a farm just up to my teenage years. I thrived in an environment where I had to make my own toys, build cities in the mud for my hot wheels, and I'd spend hours outside day and night exercising my imagination. I didn’t realize it then, but I truly believe it shaped my mind into seeing possibilities of design in everything.”


Lead event designer and production manager since 2010. Nicole has three amazing independent young adults leaving her free to dive into her passion for design and building. Nicole is the older sister to Shawna which is why they are in sync with everything they do. While Nicole is creative, her mind is more geared towards engineering and building. “I’ve been nicknamed tool belt diva and I’m okay with that! Any crazy idea Shawna brings to me I’m forced to make it happen-so i make it happen!” In her free time she travels and rejuvenated her soul with adrenaline activities like sky diving, zip lining and rafting.


Chelsea Nichols

Event Designer and Production Manager

At a young age, Chelsea grew an appreciation and curiosity for interior design and decor. She transformed her bedroom from theme to theme, pushing and moving furniture into new and better layouts, painting, and organizing. "I love creating unusual environments where people feel like they've just walked into a completely different universe".  Chelsea joined our team in 2015

Our team at Shawna Yamamoto Event Design  is different than most. We are more than florists and event planners- we are designers, working tirelessly to create experiences and environments special and unique to each of our clients. We execute all types of events: grand or intimate, social, wedding, and corporate.

We believe that the most cohesive event is created when a team of experts work together. We'll work with both you and your event planner to guide theme development and then we will execute it. As artists, our designs are truly unique. We strive to create things that have not been done before and we love to put our own twist on different styles. 

We are fabricators of design as we use wood, fabric, and other non-floral elements to create decor. To add a softer touch or as the design requires, we import only the freshest and most unique flowers to create our floral masterpieces.

We run a very sophisticated intern program, pulling students from multiple local top design colleges and universities. We believe that is imperative to help other designers gain access to this field, and we help them to experience the industry and execute designs.

We can be found in magazines on bookshelves now including Bride and Bloom, Grace Ormonde, Wedding Style Magazine, and South Asian Bride Magazine. "Like" us on Facebook and "follow" us on Instagram to see what we are currently working on!